The Mason Pearson hairbrush

I’m telling you straight away: This hairbrush is AMAZING!! I don’t want to sell this brush to you, I am not sponsored by Mason Pearson and I also have no shares with them, so my review on this brush is independently.
So I’ll say it again, this hairbrush is FANTASTIC!! And I think it says enough that I describe my experience and feelings about this hairbrush up front.

Since a few months I have used a real Mason Pearson hairbrush. It all started when I wanted to try out the sebum only method. 
Your entire hair care routine depends off a hairbrush. This was THE moment to test the quality of a hairbrush. And I was so curious about the Mason Pearson hairbrush. I really wanted to know if this hair brush gives better results than a cheaper Boar Bristle Brush. You might be able to imagine how happy I was when a friend of mine suggested that I would borrow her Mason Pearson hair brush for a week. This way I could try the brush without spending a lot of money. And that’s how I fell in love with this amazing hair brush. Why? I will explain that to you in this blog.

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The sebum only method; Let nature do its job!

The Sebum only method is really something different. Maybe you’ve heard of this method, or maybe you think: ‘Whaat?’ ‘What is this?’. 
The sebum only method is a part of the no-shampoo method. I personally find it a method for real hardcore no-shampoo’ers! Sebum only actually means in short: don’t wash your hair at all! No no water, no hair mask, no natural Products, no conditioner (because they can also be cleansing and you will have to rinse your hair) so literally; Nothing! Doesn’t your hair get greasy? Yeah probably though. But why would you try this method? I will explain this to you below.

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MSM, for beautiful skin, fuller hair and strong nails.

Since about 8 months I have added a new natural supplement to my daily routine. It’s called MSM. I have heard about MSM before. Some say it is a wonderful product for your hair. I read about it in several topics, especially in topics who where about alopecia (severe hair loss). It got me curious about this miracle cure, what is MSM? I talked to a friend of mine about it and she told me that she already takes MSM for several years. She takes it every day! I wondered why she added this to her daily routine and what her experiences were with it? She indicated that MSM is good for many different things in the body. For strengtening your muscles, your bones, against the aging process of your skin, for strong, healthy, longer hair and nails. Immediately I was interested and I started researching about MSM. So last October I bought some MSM supplements. If you are interested in buying MSM after you read this blog, I can already recommend to you that it is better to buy the pure MSM powder of the flakes. I won’t recommend the supplement. Why? I will explain this later. I bought MSM supplements because I was a little bit afraid of the taste of the MSM powder. A few months before I started taking Ashwagandha every day. This was a real nightmare. The flavor of Ashwagandha is terrible! So you might understand that I was a little bit scared of buying the pure flakes or powder. So I chose to buy the supplements. After a few weeks I also ordered 100 gram of MSM flakes to give it a try. The taste was not bad and I am still very happy that I started taking this natural supplement. It changed a lot for me and I still take it every day. 

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