Samol Herbal Hair and Scalp Oil

Since a few weeks I am trying out a herbal Hair and Scalp oil from Samol. I was never a really big fan from mixed oils. I always told my clients to buy a pure oil from just one kind and always look at the ingredients, because then you are really sure that you get what you want. Often I got disappointed when I wanted to buy a new natural oil. Even with jojoba oil. Instead that it is all jojoba oil, they add a lot of other cheap oils and just a tiny little bit of jojoba oil. And don’t get me started about those commercial oils. Those contain often a lot of sillicones. So you can probably gues what I thought when a client told me that she used a mixed oil brand from England. I was a bit skeptical. But this all changed when I looked at the ingredients with her. Finally a mixed oil brand that made me happy. Why? Because the Ayurvedic hair herbs were also incorporated. And I know these herbs! I know that they are very healing and they can cure your skin and scalp. I received a bottle of Hair and Scalp oil from Samol and now after a few weeks of trying out, I can say that I love it! How is that possible? Read on and take a look at the ingredients. I think, after reading the ingredients, you will be just as enthusiastic about this Hair and Scalp oil as I am.

Samol Herbal Hair and Scalp Oil

Samol is a small company from England. The secret of their product has been passed down from family to family and has been around for quite some time. Begum Askari Hamid was a gifted herbalist and made the oil herself. She was well known as “The woman who does wonder with hair”. From 1970 until 2004 she produced the herbal oil and exported it to Denmark. She called the oil ‘ESKAROL’. It was a very famous product and helped many people with their hair and scalp problems. After the death of Begum, her granddaughter; Samar Farooq, put the oil back on the market in 2016 with some help of her mother. She decided to re-launch the powerful herbal hair oil. Updated and improved but still deriving its goodness from the old family recipe, it is now available as SAMOL.


  • Organic sesam oil
  • Organic Almond oil
  • Organic Pumpkin oil
  • Organic Watermelon oil
  • Musk melon oil
  • Organic Neem oil
  • Organic Blackseed oil
  • Nardostachys Jatamansi Oil
  • Acorus Calamus
  • Vitamin E
  • Rosemary Leaf extract
  • Triphala (Amalaki, Bibhitaki, Haritaki)
  • Brahmi
  • Bhringraj

There are quite a few “unknown” types of oil in this mix that you normally do not see or that are not often used. That is why I go through them all below and describe what they do for your hair and scalp.

Sesame oil is also known as “the queen of the oils”. Sesame oil stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss by nourishing the fibers and root of your hair. Sesame oil works well against dandruff and flakes, it gives a natural shine to your hair and nourishes & softens your scalp.

Almond oil is full of vitamins A, B, D and E. It promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss. Almond oil makes your hair thick and healthy because it penetrates deep into the hair shaft and restores it. Almond oil also works well against dandruff.

Pumpkin oil contains a lot of zinc, which in turn promotes hair growth. There is even a study using pumpkin oil against baldness in men.

Watermelon oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It is also a very nice oil if you have oily or troubled skin, because this oil reduces the sebum production.

Musk melon oil is a fine light oil that moisturizes your skin and hair. It acts as a humectant which ensures that your hair retains its moisture better. In addition, it is full of vitamins A and C which helps with the production of collagen.

Organic Neem oil is a very fine anti-inflammatory and healing oil. Neem purifies and detoxifies. It works very well against an irritated or troubled scalp, against flakes, dandruff, inflammation, eczema, psoriasis and hair loss. Neem is antibacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. In addition, Neem strengthens the hair roots and stimulates hair growth. Neem contains high amounts of vitamins C and E, calcium and phosphorus. Also a variety of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and dietary fiber.

Black seed oil is also known as the “prophetic herb”. Black seed oil is known as THE herb which is very healing for all kinds of diseases. It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, analgesic and anti-viral and therefore rebalances an irritated restless scalp. It ensures that your scalp is nourished and it balances the sebum production. Black seed oil also ensures hair regrowth. Black seed oil contains nigellon and thymoquinone, both of which are strong antihistamines. Antihistamine is often prescribed for people who suffer from alopecia. Black seed oil therefore works very well if you have suffered from a lot of hair loss or have been diagnosed with alopecia. Black seed oil contains linoleic acid that prevents the exhaustion of the pigment cells in your follicles, which prevents this hair from turning gray. Who would not want that? This oil also contains a lot of antioxidants which protects your hair and keeps your scalp healthy. It stimulates the blood supply and this again ensures that your hair grows faster or that you get more hair growth. All in all you can say that black seed oil is a very nourishing and rich oil that can, and has, already helped many scalps and hair problems.

Nardostachys Jatamansi oil is a strong-smelling essential oil that repairs various skin problems and is also good for your scalp. For example if you have psoriasis. It is also a soothing oil, you can make delicious zen before sleeping.

Acorus Calamus is known for its strong sweet fragrance. It calms and purifies the skin, which means that acorus Calamus works well against dandruff. It also gives shine to your hair and reduces hair loss by strengthening your hair.

Vitamin E oil has an anti-oxidative effect. It protects healthy cells and tissue against external influences such as air pollution and UV radiation. It gives some extra protection to your hair and is moisturizing. Vitamin E oil also increases the shelf life of this oil mix.

Rosemary Leaf extract contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamins. Rosemary stimulates hair growth and ensures that you have less hair loss. It is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and soothes your skin. This makes rosemary really good against dandruff. Rosemary also reduces the appearance of gray hair and it balances the sebum production.

Triphala stands for 3 types of fruit. Triphala is an Ayurvedic herb containing Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Amalaki (also known as Amla) contains a lot of vitamin C, strengthens your hair and the hair roots. Bibhitaki contains a lot of vitamin C, just like Amalaki, and a lot of selenium, manganese, potassium, iron and copper. Bibhitaki contains huge amounts of triperpenoides that have an antibacterial effect on your scalp. Haritaki is also antibacterial and has a very cooling and soothing effect against inflammation and acne. These 3 herbs together contain a lot of vitamin C and are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory for your scalp and promote hair growth.

Bhrami is an Ayurvedic herb also known as the “Indian miracle cure for hair”. Bhrami nourishes the hair roots and strengthens the hair follicles. It puts a kind of shine layer over your hair so that the risk of split ends is reduced. Brahmi can provide more volume and texture. Brahmi moisturizes, nourishes and cools and therefore has a soothing effect on an itchy scalp. Bhrahmi can also help with a dry scalp and if you suffer from dandruff.

Bhringraj is also known as the herb of hair growth. It stimulates hair growth and works well against dandruff and flakes.

In summary: Samol’s herbal oil is full of herbs, vitamins and minerals. It works extremely well against a troubled / irritated scalp, it stimulates hair growth and the (re) growth of the hair. For example if you have alopecia. This oil nourishes your hair and is moisturizing. AND this oil normalizes the sebum production! So this oil works very well against an oily scalp. Don’t you get quite excited about this oil when you read all of this?

I linked a website to each ingredient from which I got most of the information. But in addition to this website, there are many other sites that support this information.

How do you use this oil?

The advice is to put a few drops of the oil on your fingers and massage it gently into the scalp the evening before washing or a few hours before you wash your hair. Spread the oil well so that it covers your entire scalp. A few drops is enough (8 to 10 drops). You can also use the oil on the lengths and the ends of your hair or add a few drops to your Ayurvedic hair mask. Samol recommends using the oil twice a week. If you only wash your hair once a week, like I do, then I would recommend using it once a week.

Consistensy is very important for a good result! Especially if you have Alopecia. If you are currently suffering from psoriasis and are using a special shampoo (from the doctor) for your scalp problem, then I would recommend to slowly reduce using that shampoo instead of replacing your special shampoo en quiting with it immediately. I’m telling you this because your scalp is used to this aggressive shampoo and if you stop using it immediately, you may get a lot of flakes.

My Experience

The oil is slightly yellow in color and smells like there are a lot of herbs in there. I like the scent, I think it is a wonderful natural and warm fragrance, but I also understand that some people have to get used to it. You can easily put the oil on your fingers or hands and spread it over your hair and /or massage it into your scalp. This massage stimulates the blood flow to your scalp and the hair follicles. This ensures a healthy scalp and faster hair growth.

I have used the oil every evening for the past 7 weeks, the night before I washed my hair and I let it soak overnight. Sometimes I left it into my hair for 2 days. The oil gives my hair a beautiful shine and nourishes my hair intensively. My hair has grown a lot in the past few weeks, like 8 cm! Unfortunately I didn’t took any pictures when I measured the length, so you have to take my word for it. I think 8 cm in 7 weeks is quite a lot, especially when you consider that your hair normally grows only 1 cm in a month. My hair never grows very fast. Definitely no rapunzel activities at my place. But when it keeps up like this, who knows? ‘You can throw your HairJazz away!’

Besides the fact that my hair has really started to grow faster, it also feels soft. I noticed that it is better nourished during the week and my hair has more shine.

My day 5 hair

I do not suffer from a troubled scalp, but I do have an oily scalp. I wash my hair once a week and I can say that by then it is really time to wash it! But now that I use Samol’s herbal oil, I noticed that my hair is getting less oily. I started to see this change after 4 weeks of using the oil. And when I look at the ingredients I understand why. The watermelon oil, rosemary extract and black seed oil soothe and /or balance the sebum production. That week I washed my hair after 9 days instead of after 7 days. Usually on the 6th day I have to wear my hair in a bun. It’s that greasy, I would not dare to wear it down. But now I only refreshed the lengths with some flaxseed gel because my curls were a bit messy. My scalp was still calm, it was a little bit greasy, but not so bad as what it used to be after 6 days.

Because I don’t have any specific hair or scalp problems, I gave two sample bottles of the oil to 2 colleagues of mine. Unfortunately they have not used the oil consistently and therefore I cannot say anything about the results they had. However, there are many reviews about this oil on the website of samolherbal. A lot of reviews from people who did had a troubled scalp or suffered from a lot of hair loss, for example from Alopecia. These reviews are all extremely positive! And frankly, I can say that I expected that when I looked at the ingredients.

Samol’s oil is an award winning oil, and if you’ve read the above and looked at the ingredients, I guess you understand why. I am very happy that I came in contact with Samol and that I got the chance try their oil. I will keep using it every week!

Give away!

Because I am very happy with the herbal oil from Samol, I would like to give you the opportunity to try this oil yourself! For this reason, I can give away 1 large bottle and 2 small bottles of the Herbal Hair and Scalp Oil from Samol! So there will be 3 winners !! Do you want to have a chance of winning this oil? Then, Like my facebook page @natuurlijkehaarverzorging & the page of @samolherbal, or if you join via Instagram: follow @derondr and @Samolherbal, and share and like this giveaway in PUBLIC on your Facebook or Instagram page (or your stories). Also let me know that you are participating in this give away! I will announce the winners on Thursday April 23 at 20:00! (GMT+1) This give away has ended!

You weren’t so lucky? You can easily order the oil on the website of or buy them at from me. Let me know if you are interested. The oil is available in small (trial) bottles of 10 ml and large bottles of 50 ml.

Are you interested, do you have any questions or have you already used this oil? Let me know below!

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This blog was created in collaboration with Samol Herbal

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