About me

Hi all!

I’m Rachel van Kessel, 31 years old and I live in Tjerkgaast, The Netherlands. I used to work as a psychiatric nurse at GGZ Ingeest, but since october 2021 I have ben fully working for my own company ‘natural hair care’.

I used to wash my hair every other day or once every 3 days with shampoo. Until my hair was only good when I just washed it. My hair became more greasy and I found it very annoying. So I started to postpone washing my hair and eventually washed my hair once a week, and my hair became less greasy.

Suddenly I found flakes on my scalp, now I know that they were dead skin cells because I had a dried out scalp from the shampoo, but then I thought it might be dandruff. So I bought a bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo, super strong and super agressive naturally. And my hair was frizzy after washing with this shampoo, so I bought an expensive leave-in conditioner at the hairdresser. I had to use mousse and other firming hairproducts to create more volume and the curls I liked. These products made my hair more greasy and I had to start washing my hair once every 5 days. It became a vicious circle; without any products it became frizzy and with products I had to wash more often.

I was frustraded, so I started reading about shampoo. I found information about the ingredients of shampoo, and what happens to your hair when you use them. All my shampoos contained silicons and parabenes and the more stronger shampoos also contained sulfates. These sulfates are so strong that they dried my scalp out and that’s why I got those white flakes. I was so done with this! They didn’t used shampoo in the old days right? And what kind of hair products do people use in other country’s? I wanted natural beautiful curls without the use of all those differrent products! I wanted more curls, with volume and well nourished!

Beside this al, I was also very curious how my natural hair would look. Without silicones, parabens and those very drying sulfates. So in august 2016, I threw my shampoo, leave-in and mousse away and started washing my hair with all natural products. After a half a year I had learned so much, that I wanted to share my experience. That’s why I started this blog, so I can share all my experience and experiments about natural hair care. This blog is in Dutch and in English. I write all my blogs in Dutch, and later on I translate them to English. That’s why they are sometimes not in chronological order.

Finally I got the curls that I wanted for so long