I’m Rachel and this is my blog about natural hair care. This is where I inspire you (and many others) about different methods of natural hair care, other than you might be accustomed to. In the past years I’ve tried many different natural products and have written about it. I’m still experimenting with natural (hair) products and still learning new things. I recently started with consulting and hair treatments with natural products, you can read about it here . You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram, that’s where I share my “Tips ‘n Tricks” about natural hair care, and you’ll be notified when a new blog is posted. Have a look around and have fun! X Rachel.


Oatmeal gel

Maybe you have seen it on my Instagram or Facebook page, because lately I am experimenting with a new kind of natural gel for my hair. Which gel? Well, oatmeal gel! I came across this new kind of natural gel on a Instagram page of a curly girl that I follow. I was immediatly very …