Make your own natural soap

For years I had the desire to make my own natural soap. A natural soapbar to wash your hair or a soapbar to use in the shower. Finaly Werfzeep (a dutch company who makes natural soapbars) made last year a soap book and my dreams & wishes seemed to be fulfilled. Immediately I ordered the soap book including a starter package. When the soap book was finished I immediately received it home with my starter pack, but I did not start immediately. I was busy with my work and the natural hair treatments, so the starter pack was left untouched for quit some time. Until a few weeks ago! You know, corona happend and finally I had some time and enough courage to make my first soapbar. The night before I wanted to start, I had already written down some ideas and the next day I immediately started working. I made my first soapbar with Neem, Thyme, Nettle extract and Broccoli seed oil. Making my own soap was so much fun! I loved it! The whole process was a bit new to me, but I really liked it. Especially when my soap was in the mold and I had to put it away for a day. Because I would like to share my enthusiasm with you, I will share the recipe below. This is a soapbar to wash your hair, but also to use in the shower or washing your hands. The ingredients are really good against irritated or troubled (scalp) skin, flakes or dandruff, eczema or psoriasis and they nourish & moisturize your hair.

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Oatmeal gel

Maybe you have seen it on my Instagram or Facebook page, because lately I am experimenting with a new kind of natural gel for my hair. Which gel? Well, oatmeal gel! I came across this new kind of natural gel on a Instagram page of a curly girl that I follow. I was immediatly very interested and enthusiastic. I am always looking for new natural hair products, so maybe you can imagine that I was very happy to find out about this natural hair gel. What kind of hair gel is this and what would it do for my hair? At that same time I also got a bit nervous. Offcourse I want to try this new gel, but my normal hair routine was also fine and I always had good results with the flaxseed gel. Sometimes I used Aloe vera gel, and that was also fine. But now I was at the point that I wanted to try something else, something that I did not know. I asked myself if I was prepared for a bad washday, and yes; I was. It is only your hair. My curiosity won, so I started reading and experimenting. After a few times experimenting I created the best recipe for my hair, and hopefully also for your hair. In this blog I will share two recipes, one with oatmeal and one with oatflakes.

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‘Flaxseed gel’, a natural styling product

Flaxseed gel is a wonderful product to style your hair on a natural way. There are some stylingsproducts on the market who are a kinda ‘natural’. These do not contain silicones or paraben’s, but are still full of other chemical ingredients. You can use these to style your hair, but that’s all they do for your hair. They do not contribute to the healt of your hair. Flaxseed contains a lot of omega 3 acids, vitamin E and vitamin B. These vitamins are really good for your hair. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect on your hair and can repair your hair from some damage. For me flaxseed gel is more a serum or a leave-in for your hair than a real gel. Flaxseed gel puts a lot of moisture in your hair, it contributes to the recovery of your hair and nourish your hair so much that your hair will get a beautiful shine from it. Flaxseed gel stimulates your hair grow and prevents hair loss.

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