Let’s create some curls

This is a blog for all the ladies and gentlemen who want to create more beautiful curls. It is a blog full of advice, tips and good intentions. Curls need a lot of love and attention. Small changes in your body, the environment or what kind of product you use on your hair will affect your curls. In this blog I will start at the beginning. Step by step I will take you through some various curly girl techniques. Some tips are meant for you, maybe others not. Every hair needs something else again, and the only way you can find out what your hair likes is by just by trying it out. Maybe your head will be full of information after this blog, maybe you already know a lot or you miss some things. I can only say, I am also a learner myself and I still learn every day a lot through other curly girls.

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Everything you want to know about your natural hair type

What is your hair type? It’s a question you might not hear so often, but it’s very important when you want to figur out the right products for your hair. In addition, it seems to me it is also nice to have a little more knowledge about your hair, what your hair likes and what makes it greasy or lifeless.
I’ve written this guide of different hair types, from style to frizzy hair, to help you out in your no-poo & low-poo search and so you get to know your hair a little bit better!

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