11 tips for naturally longer hair

Sometimes it just feels like your hair will not grow past a certain point. You are so ecxited when your hair is a little bit longer, until you remember you have to go to the hair dresser again. Or you look at your split ends and know: ‘Yeah it’s time to go to the hairdresser’. Every time you are in that terrible seat you will say: ‘Only the tips of my ends, I want to let my hair grow’. But every time your at home you can just cry because your hair is the exact same length as it was the last time you came back from a haircut. 

I recognize this all so well! Been there and done that! At one point, I thought that the length of your hair was genetically. ‘This is it, it will not get longer’.
I would look at my sisters hair and I just would just not understand how her hair could be so long, and mine just would not grow. But now, after 1,5 years of reading and learning about natural haircare, I think I know what your hair needs and how you can make it grow faster and keep your hair healthy so you don’t have to go to the hairdresser that often. And sorry, but Hair Jazz is definitly not it! My tips and advices below are all personal tips! It is my intention to inform you and help you further. Please remember that I don’t want to lay any restrictions on you.

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