The Mason Pearson hairbrush

I’m telling you straight away: This hairbrush is AMAZING!! I don’t want to sell this brush to you, I am not sponsored by Mason Pearson and I also have no shares with them, so my review on this brush is independently.
So I’ll say it again, this hairbrush is FANTASTIC!! And I think it says enough that I describe my experience and feelings about this hairbrush up front.

Since a few months I have used a real Mason Pearson hairbrush. It all started when I wanted to try out the sebum only method. 
Your entire hair care routine depends off a hairbrush. This was THE moment to test the quality of a hairbrush. And I was so curious about the Mason Pearson hairbrush. I really wanted to know if this hair brush gives better results than a cheaper Boar Bristle Brush. You might be able to imagine how happy I was when a friend of mine suggested that I would borrow her Mason Pearson hair brush for a week. This way I could try the brush without spending a lot of money. And that’s how I fell in love with this amazing hair brush. Why? I will explain that to you in this blog.

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