The Mason Pearson hairbrush

I’m telling you straight away: This hairbrush is AMAZING!! I don’t want to sell this brush to you, I am not sponsored by Mason Pearson and I also have no shares with them, so my review on this brush is independently.
So I’ll say it again, this hairbrush is FANTASTIC!! And I think it says enough that I describe my experience and feelings about this hairbrush up front.

Since a few months I have used a real Mason Pearson hairbrush. It all started when I wanted to try out the sebum only method. 
Your entire hair care routine depends off a hairbrush. This was THE moment to test the quality of a hairbrush. And I was so curious about the Mason Pearson hairbrush. I really wanted to know if this hair brush gives better results than a cheaper Boar Bristle Brush. You might be able to imagine how happy I was when a friend of mine suggested that I would borrow her Mason Pearson hair brush for a week. This way I could try the brush without spending a lot of money. And that’s how I fell in love with this amazing hair brush. Why? I will explain that to you in this blog.

Mason Pearson

The Mason Pearson hairbrush is made in England and has been known as the ‘Rolls Royce ‘ under the hairbrushes for quite some years. The brush is available in different variants, colors and sizes. You can buy them with nylon pins, complete with boar hair or mixed with boar hair and nylon pins. The nylon pins make that the brush glides through your hair easier. Personally, I do not need this, because the boar hairs of the Mason Pearson are already very
hard,  but I would reccommend this if you have a lot of hair. The brush comes in different sizes, from small to large. There are 2 very special brushes; one specific brush for very fine and thin hair and one especially for children. I chose a brush with full boar in an average size. I chose for full boar because of the good effect it has on your hair.

A brush with boar hair:

  • Extracts dust from your hair
  • Cleans your hair from hard minerals
  • Makes your hair soft
  • Provides shine to your hair
  • Distributes sebum from your scalp/the roots of your hair over the lengths of your hair

But what makes the Mason Pearson hair brush so different or better than any other Boar Bristle Brush? Mason Pearson says on their website that they make their hair brushes (partially) by hand. This way they create a really good product. The cushion where the hairs/pins are attached in, is especially made that way so the brush gently slides through your hair and the hairs of the brush massage your scalp slightly. The handle is especially designed that it is nice to hold and there are no hard spots. There is also a hole in the front of the brush, this way any water that comes inside of underneath the cushion can easily run out of the brush again. 

Mason Pearson says that they use the best quality for their hair brushes, so it’s life span is as long as possible. How long? That depends on how you handle this brush yourself.
That friend of mine, whom I mentioned above, uses her Mason Pearson brush for over 20 years now. And I have to say that her brush still looks very good. I think this says enough about the quality.

Maybe you are wondering why a person with curly hair uses a hairbrush? And if a hair brush won’t ruin my curls. Yes, your right. That’s why I always brush my hair BEFORE I wash and before I refresh my hair! After I brush my hair I wet the lengths of my hair with water or a tea and my curls will be back when my hair is dry.

 My opinion of de Mason Pearson boar bristle Brush

I must confess that after the first use of the brush I was already sold. Oops, This was not so convenient. The Mason Pearson brush is not cheap. At first I was a bit skeptical. Why should a hairbrush cost so much money? What is so ‘special ‘ about this hairbrush? But after I tried it, I was to enthusiastic that I immediately bought a Mason Pearson boar hairbrush for myself. And now I can’t live without it. It is really my favorite hairbrush! I have not regretted my purchase for one single day. 
I bought my Mason Pearson brush online. Online he was slightly cheaper than in a shop. The brush came in a neat box. In The box there was a cleaning brush, a little book with information about the brush and an explanation how to clean the brush. 

I immediately saw that the hairs of the brush are much longer and much harder than the hairs of another brush I have ( Faller). You can also see clearly that there are two lengths of hairs in the brush, some hairs are shorter and some are longer. This way the brush will slide better through the different layers of your hair. You
feel that the hairs are a really different quality than what I’m used to. I could hardly imagine that this are the real hairs of a boar.

You see immediately that the brush looks less ‘full’. There are less hairs per section in the brush. Because of this, the brush does not stay on your hair, but it easily slides through your hair.

Conclusion: Brushing with the Mason Pearson Brush is truly FANTASTIC! I did not know that brushing your hair could be so nice. 
What I love the most about this brush is that I don’t have to divide my hair into sections to brush my whole hair. It just slides true every layer really easy.
All of this contributes to a very high brush experience.

Minus: The ‘golden’ layer of the text that is engraved in the handle faded after some time. I think this happend becaus I clean the brush really often. I use this brush frequently, and because I don’t use shampoo for my hair, the brush get’s really dirty. I have to clean the brush more often than a ‘regular’ person would. I liked the ‘golden’ layer in the text. I think it’s chiq, but after some time it disapeared. 
Of course this does not contribute to the quality of the brush, of course the quality remains the same. 

Again, I don’t want to sell this brush to you! But if you are enthusiastic about this blog, please let me know.

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