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Recently there is a new hair care product in my bathroom. Not something I actually put into my hair, but a Denman D6 Be-BOP shampoo brush. You might think; ‘Do you have another hairbrush?’ Yes. But this is a brush that allows you to massage your scalp while showering. Sounds nice huh? 


I like to change my hair care routine. Sometimes I was with only water, sometimes I use a low-poo conditioner, but the Ayurvedic hair herbs are really my favorite! Occasionally I apply a hair mask with only aloe vera powder, and that cleans my hair just as well as the other products.

Unfortunately, the Ayurvedic hair herbs also have a disadvantage. Over time, remains of these herbs stay in my hair and that causes build up. When I brush my hair with my Boar Bristle Brush, I can see if I have build up. Then my brush will get really greasy and I see a lot of dust on it. When I notice this I know that I have to wash my hair with a low-poo conditioner to really clean my hair from the herbs.

I had heard of the phenomenon ‘shampoo brush’ before, but I always thought you had to use these when you used real shampoo. And that is something I don’t use!

But as controversial as I am, I thought: ‘ Maybe you can also use this when you don’t use shampoo’. So I’ve been researching which shampoo brush is the best for your scalp and your hair. During my research I suddenly got a lot of ad’s about the shampoo brush. Especially on Instagram and on Facebook. ‘Big brother is watching you’. I didn’t know there were so many different shampoo brushes. Is The shampoo brush really a musthave? Or has it become a fashion item? Eventually I came across the Denman shampoo brush. Denman is a company from the Benelux and because this is close to my home this attracts me more than a company from America. I contacted Denman and I got three shampoo brushes for free!


I already hears about the brand Denman because of their famous ‘wet brush’. A lot of curly girls talk about the wet brush from Denman. A wet brush, or a brush for wet hair, is often used for brushing your hair wet, or to properly distribute an applied conditioner over the lengths of your hair. For this you can also use the shampoo brush. But the real function of a shampoo brush is to massage your scalp under the shower. This scalp massage ensures that all dead skin cells come loose and rinse away when you wash your hair. AND the scalp massage also makes sure there is more blood flow to your scalp and also to your hair follicles, which also makes your hair grow faster. And, the scalp massage is really nice!!

The Denman D6 Be-Bop shampoo brushes are available in different colors. Black, silver and a mix of bright colors (pink, green, blue, purple, orange and yellow). This mix of bright colors only available in a sales display box of 12 pieces. You can buy this at a hairdresser in your area.

The brushes are made of plastic. The pins with which you massage your scalp are made of softer and more flexible plastic than the rest of the brush.

As you can see in the picture, the brushes are not so big, but you can hold them well by because of the plastic strap.

My experience 

I must confess honestly, that when I had the shampoo brush in my hands I thought these would be way to harsh for my scalp. But because the brush  is from Denman, I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

I have tried the shampoo brush a few times and tested it while rinsing out various natural hair masks. I even used the brush while I washed my hair with only water. And I can say, the experience was realy nice! The scalp massage feels realy good, it is a delight! 

With the shampoo brush you can clean your scalp even better than if you use only your fingers. By using this brush, all dead skin cells on your scalp loosen up and you can easily rinse these away while showering. This is a very good effect for people with a lot of flakes, an oily scalp or for people with a lot of hair. If you have a lot of hair it is sometimes difficult to wash and clean your scalp properly. This is the reason why many ladies with afro hair use a shampoo brush.

The result 

I am very satisfied with the shampoo brush. The massage to your scalp is very nice and my scalp gets better cleaned by the shampoo brush. I have an oily skin and at the end of the week I often have a realy oily scalp. The shampoo brush ensures that my scalp gets cleaned  way better than before and the feeling of the brush is realy nice and my scalp feels clean.

And the main reason why I wanted to try this shampoo brush, the herbs don’t stay in my hair after rinsing! My hair is much cleaner after using the shampoo brush. After brushing I don’t have any dust of the herbs on my Boar Bristle Brush. And that also gives a good and a clean feeling! I also had a cleaner result when I used the shampoo brush when I washed my hair with only water. So I think you already know by now that I’m very positive about this product!

Personal note

Is the shampoo brush really a musthave, or is it a fashion item? I personally think you should always think for yourself before you buy something and you shouldn’t get carried away by advertising and fashion at the moment. I wanted to know if the shampoo brush would make sure that the herbs would rinse out better and now I have been able to discover that. For me, the shampoo brush is definitely an addition to my hair care routine, and I think this brush is also very useful for people who have a lot of hair and have a lot of trouble with washing their scalp properly. In addition, the Be-bop shampoo brush is not very expensive and the scalp massage is truly a delight!

I don’t want you to buy the shampoo brush only because I say so. But if you have become enthusiastic about this blog, please let me know.

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-This blog post is written in collaboration with Denman-

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