Make your own natural soap

For years I had the desire to make my own natural soap. A natural soapbar to wash your hair or a soapbar to use in the shower. Finaly Werfzeep (a dutch company who makes natural soapbars) made last year a soap book and my dreams & wishes seemed to be fulfilled. Immediately I ordered the soap book including a starter package. When the soap book was finished I immediately received it home with my starter pack, but I did not start immediately. I was busy with my work and the natural hair treatments, so the starter pack was left untouched for quit some time. Until a few weeks ago! You know, corona happend and finally I had some time and enough courage to make my first soapbar. The night before I wanted to start, I had already written down some ideas and the next day I immediately started working. I made my first soapbar with Neem, Thyme, Nettle extract and Broccoli seed oil. Making my own soap was so much fun! I loved it! The whole process was a bit new to me, but I really liked it. Especially when my soap was in the mold and I had to put it away for a day. Because I would like to share my enthusiasm with you, I will share the recipe below. This is a soapbar to wash your hair, but also to use in the shower or washing your hands. The ingredients are really good against irritated or troubled (scalp) skin, flakes or dandruff, eczema or psoriasis and they nourish & moisturize your hair.

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