‘Flaxseed gel’, a natural styling product

Flaxseed gel is a wonderful product to style your hair on a natural way. There are some stylingsproducts on the market who are a kinda ‘natural’. These do not contain silicones or paraben’s, but are still full of other chemical ingredients. You can use these to style your hair, but that’s all they do for your hair. They do not contribute to the healt of your hair. Flaxseed contains a lot of omega 3 acids, vitamin E and vitamin B. These vitamins are really good for your hair. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect on your hair and can repair your hair from some damage. For me flaxseed gel is more a serum or a leave-in for your hair than a real gel. Flaxseed gel puts a lot of moisture in your hair, it contributes to the recovery of your hair and nourish your hair so much that your hair will get a beautiful shine from it. Flaxseed gel stimulates your hair grow and prevents hair loss.

Recipe flaxseed gel

If this is the first time you will make flaxseed gel, just make a little portion so you can try it out for your hair.
•2 tbsp flaxseed (use whole flaxseed, broken flaxseed is not recommended)
•200 ml water
•A really fine strainer
•One bowl
•Option: pantyhose
•Option: citrus juice or a nice essential oil

Put the flaxseed with the water in a little pan. Boil this for 5 to 10 minutes. You have to keep stirring in the pan while the water is boiling. You will notice that it’s ready when you see some foam on top and the water get’s thicker. You have to keep stirring in the pan while the water is boiling.
Make sure that the gel doesn’t get to thick to strain it properly. The gel will get thicker when it cools down.
Turn off the heat and strain the flaxseed from the water. You can use a pantyhose or a fine strainer. Hold the pantyhose or the strainer above the bowl. Let the gel cool down, your natural hair gel is ready to use!

Option: add some citrus juice or a nice essential oil to the gel. These ingredients make sure that your gel stays fresh for a longer period. You must keep the gel in the fridge. You can use it for 3 a 4 weeks. You must throw it away when the gel starts to smell.
The gel has the consistency of pudding, it’s a little bit thinner than normal styling gel, but your hair will just love it! The gel doesn’t stick, it doesn’t make your hair greasy, your hair will absorb it really easy and it will make your hair soft and shiny!
The gel will not leave any residu on your hair. You can get a little cast from the gel, but if you don’t like this you just have to squeeze in your hair with your hands and this hard cast will disappear.
Flaxseed gel puts a lot of moisture in your hair and is therefore great for frizzy and dry hair. Curly hair will love this gel. I use it every week!

TIP: You can also use flaxseed gel as a mask for your face or hands. If you want to try this you don’t have to strain the seeds out of the gel. Your skin will love this! It will get really soft.

Let me know if you have any questions or how your flaxseed gel turned out!

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