Lightening your hair with honey

Honey, I love it! Especially raw honey, the one that is a bit bitter and not so hugely sweet. And you can do so much with honey! Honey is delicious in a cup of tea, as a substitute for sugar or on your sandwich. But honey is also really nice for your hair and skin; As a hair mask or face mask. In addition, you have also specific honey species that have an antibacterial effect and help against irritated (scalp) skin. You can also use honey as a natural hair spray by mixing it with water and spraying it on your hair. But did you know that honey can also make your hair lighter? If lemon juice or chamomile tea does not work for you, or is too drying, honey is a really nice alternative to get your hair a bit lighter in color. Honey is also hydrating and makes your hair nice and soft. Honey can also be slightly purifying if your hair get’s easily clean from mild products. But what makes that honey will make your hair lighter? And how do you apply this on your hair? 

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