Samol Herbal Hair and Scalp Oil

Since a few weeks I am trying out a herbal Hair and Scalp oil from Samol. I was never a really big fan from mixed oils. I always told my clients to buy a pure oil from just one kind and always look at the ingredients, because then you are really sure that you get what you want. Often I got disappointed when I wanted to buy a new natural oil. Even with jojoba oil. Instead that it is all jojoba oil, they add a lot of other cheap oils and just a tiny little bit of jojoba oil. And don’t get me started about those commercial oils. Those contain often a lot of sillicones. So you can probably gues what I thought when a client told me that she used a mixed oil brand from England. I was a bit skeptical. But this all changed when I looked at the ingredients with her. Finally a mixed oil brand that made me happy. Why? Because the Ayurvedic hair herbs were also incorporated. And I know these herbs! I know that they are very healing and they can cure your skin and scalp. I received a bottle of Hair and Scalp oil from Samol and now after a few weeks of trying out, I can say that I love it! How is that possible? Read on and take a look at the ingredients. I think, after reading the ingredients, you will be just as enthusiastic about this Hair and Scalp oil as I am.

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