Hydrolyzed protein for your hair

Maybe you’ve seen my Instagram photo about hydrolyzed protein, or you feel like that an egg shampoo or rye flour doesn’t do anything for your hair? Maybe your hair stay’s dry, fragile and lifeless? Then I think hydrolyzed protein the solution for you! And do not be afraid, you will remain your own hair. It will not become so straight as after those expensive keratin treatments at the hairdresser.

A while ago I started adding hydrolyzed protein to my homemade hair mask, and the results where amazing! My hair is no longer dry, brittle or frizzy. It feels soft, it shines, my curls are tighter and on top of that: my dry ends don’t feel dry anymore and seem much stronger! In this blog I will explain what hydrolyzed protein actually is, what different kind of protein there is for your hair, what these all do and how you can add it to your own natural hair mask.

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