Egg mask for your hair

As you had seen on my Facebook page or Instagram, I washed my hair with an egg mask last week. My colleague Vera tipped me about this recipe and it was a great success! Therefore I would like to share the recipe of this egg mask with you. (Seems like I’m writing a recipe for a cookbook, right?) I call egg washing an egg mask, because egg washing is a cleaning method, but also a way to nourish your hair! You should also leave the egg in your hair for about 5 to 10 minutes.

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Hair plopping

Hair plopping, have you ever heard of it? It is now completely hot and super handy! But what is it then? It is a simple trick to let your hair dry curly without using a curling iron or hairdryer. Sounds great right? Certainly! Also very useful if you are doing the no-shampoo method or low-poo method and you do not use any silicones that protect your hair from the heat of a styling iron. And the result? A beautiful hairstyle with curls without damage!

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