Hair plopping

Hair plopping, have you ever heard of it? It is now completely hot and super handy! But what is it then? It is a simple trick to let your hair dry curly without using a curling iron or hairdryer. Sounds great right? Certainly! Also very useful if you are doing the no-shampoo method or low-poo method and you do not use any silicones that protect your hair from the heat of a styling iron. And the result? A beautiful hairstyle with curls without damage!

Hair plopping

Hair plopping is drying your curled hair in a cotton t-shirt or shirt. With the plopping method your curls will dry nicer and you will have no frizz! And tadaa! Your curls are much nicer shaped than if you just let your hair air dry. Do you have straight hair? Then this is the way to naturally curl your hair.

How does it work?

Take care of your hair as you normally would do after you have washed your hair or just got it wet. Place a large cotton t-shirt or shirt on a flat surface (a table or your bed). Hang your head over the t-shirt or shirt and drop your wet hair down the center of the t-shirt or shirt. Then take the ends of the shirt or t-shirt and make a kind of turban around your head. If you use a t-shirt, tie the short sleefs at the front of your head. If you’re using a shirt, tie the ends at the back of your head. It just depends on what you like.

You can apply the plopping method in the evening before going to sleep, or just an hour or two before you leave your home. If you apply the plopping method before you are going to bed, you can sleep with the t-shirt or shirt on your head. Your hair will then dry completely in the plopping shape. But if you use the plopping method just before you go out? Then your hair will also be in a plopping form for a short time, but the curls are shaped just a little bit nicer.

You can also use a pantyhose instead of a cotton t-shirt or shirt. Pantyhose are a bit tighter around your head and this can give less friction when you sleep. If you are using tights, tie the leg sections of the tights and plop your hair into the top of your tights. If it is an old panty, you can also cut off the “leg parts” off so that they do not get in the way.

Do you always find it so annoying that when you get out of bed your hair is so flat and your curls are no longer so beautiful? You can keep a good hair day by plopping your dry hair in the tights or use a silk scarf.

You can watch a video about hair plopping here.

Have you ever done hair plopping? Share your experiences with me!

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