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My new Heat Cap, I’m totally in love with it! I got my Kissed Heat Cap from Thermal hair care to try out, and I’m so excited! Therma haircare call their heat cap’s ‘Hot Head’. A Heat Cap is truly a great, cute and super-handy invention that makes your search for naturally beautiful hair so much easier. Maybe you had seen the pictures pass by on my Instagram or Facebookaccount? Maybe you immediately understood what I meant or wondered exactly; What is a Heat Cap? And today I thought; This super cute and amazing invention really needs some more attention!

The Hot Head.

The Hot Head is a product of Thermal hair care; A company from America. The Hot Head has only existed since 2014. The owner of the company is a hairdresser and a mother. Because of her knowledge as a hairdresser, she knew that deep conditioning for the hair is very important, but she also had no time to sit under a warm cap dryer. After applying a hair mask she often wrapped her hair in a warm wet towel, but this was not as effective as the cap dryer she had in the salon. One morning she had a kind of ‘aha’ moment! And so she came to the idea of the Hot Head: A hat stuffed with flaxseed that you can warm up in the microwave.

The function of a Heat Cap.

The warmth of a Heat Cap makes sure that you can condition your hair deeply with the hair mask of your choice. A Heat Cap is suitable for any hair type, I use my Heat Cap every week! But the Heat Caps are also very handy for low porosity hair! Low porosity hair has a tightly bonded cuticle with flat overlapping scales. The hair cannot absorb moisture as well because the hair scales are difficult to open. Because of this, a hair mask can not penetrate the hair so well. The warmth of the flaxseed will open the hair scales, so the hair mask can really penetrate into your hair. Because the good nutrients of the hair mask can penetrate into your hair, your hair will be better nourished and get a big boost. This way you get more out of your hair mask.
You can check which porosity your hair has with the ‘float test’. You can read about it on my blog.

How you should use a Heat cap.

A Heat Cap is very simple to use. First, choose your own hair mask. This does not have to be a commercial/regular hair mask out of a store. You can also make your own hair mask. I often use aloe vera powder or the ayurvedic herbs, my hair loves it! I always experiment with something I have in house or what I feel like trying out. You can use edible products such as: banana, avocado, honey, yogurt, egg or mayonnaise.
Do you think your hair needs some more protein? Then add hydrolyzed protein to your hair mask. Hydrolyzed protein is smaller than the protein from egg or rye flour. Because hydrolyzed protein is smaller, it can penetrate your hair  better and this way your hair will benefit from it. Lubricate the
hair mask into your hair, cover your hair with a disposable shower cap or foil and warm the Heat cap in the microwave. You can not use the oven! Place the Heat Cap with the elastic top up in your microwave and warm it up for 45 seconds at the highest position. Then turn the Heat Cap inside out and put it back with the elastic top up and warm it up again for 45 seconds. After that you turn the Heat Cap back again to its normal look, you put it in the microwave with the elastic upwards and you Heat Cap for the last time for 45 seconds at the highest position. After this the Heat Cap is ready for use. The Heat Cap will stay warm for about 30 minutes.
Put the Heat Cap over the disposable shower cap or the foil, on your hair, and let the hair mask pull into your hair for 30 minutes. 
Your hair and head will become wonderfully warm (also nice during the winter) and the hair mask can penetrate really well and deep into your hair. A Heat Cap can be used for deep conditioning before washing (pre-poo) or after washing your hair. If you make a hair mask to use as a pre-poo (for washing) you can add a delicious oil to nourish dry hair even better. A Heat Cap can also function as a Cold Cap if you suffer from severe headaches. Put the Heat Cap in a plastic bag in the freezer, the flaxseed will hold the cold and cool your head.
Hair Mask with aloe Vera and hydrolyzed keratin

I am very very happy with my American Heat Cap! It makes my no-poo quest even more enjoyable but also certainly easier!

Are you excited about the Heat Cap too? Then you are lucky! I also sell some Heat caps. The quality is really great!
For more information, please check the page with ‘products’.
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-This blog post is written in conjunction with Thermal hair Care

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