MSM, for beautiful skin, fuller hair and strong nails.

Since about 8 months I have added a new natural supplement to my daily routine. It’s called MSM. I have heard about MSM before. Some say it is a wonderful product for your hair. I read about it in several topics, especially in topics who where about alopecia (severe hair loss). It got me curious about this miracle cure, what is MSM? I talked to a friend of mine about it and she told me that she already takes MSM for several years. She takes it every day! I wondered why she added this to her daily routine and what her experiences were with it? She indicated that MSM is good for many different things in the body. For strengtening your muscles, your bones, against the aging process of your skin, for strong, healthy, longer hair and nails. Immediately I was interested and I started researching about MSM. So last October I bought some MSM supplements. If you are interested in buying MSM after you read this blog, I can already recommend to you that it is better to buy the pure MSM powder of the flakes. I won’t recommend the supplement. Why? I will explain this later. I bought MSM supplements because I was a little bit afraid of the taste of the MSM powder. A few months before I started taking Ashwagandha every day. This was a real nightmare. The flavor of Ashwagandha is terrible! So you might understand that I was a little bit scared of buying the pure flakes or powder. So I chose to buy the supplements. After a few weeks I also ordered 100 gram of MSM flakes to give it a try. The taste was not bad and I am still very happy that I started taking this natural supplement. It changed a lot for me and I still take it every day. 


What exactly is MSM? MSM is an organic form of sulfur. 1 teaspoon of MSM powder or flakes a day is enough to get the right amount of sulphur for your body (depending on your weight). MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane. It is a natural sulphur compound that is soluble in water. Sulfur is found in every living creature on earth and everyone needs sulfur. As you get older, sulfur slowly disappears from our bodies, so our body needs more sulphur from our food. But due to our modern way of food preparation, we don’t get enough sulphur inside. Sulfur has a very sensitive structure and is easily destroyed during the processing processes that we apply to our food nowadays. Think of cooling, cooking, heating, cutting etc. Sulfur is nowadays most commonly found in food products that you can eat raw. Such as cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, peppers, asparagus and onions. But only in the natural or organic products. Unfortunately we, the modern man and woman, eventually get too little sulphur to complement the shortcome in our body.

What does MSM do for your health?

Our body needs sulfur compounds. Sulfur compounds are blood proteins and amino acids. They also make the production of keratin possible. Sulfur plays an important role in the production of insulin and also our liver and gall bladder can not be without sulfur. 
Sulfur stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen again provides elasticity in our skin. You’ll also find collagen in your bones, teeth and cartilage. The older we become, the less collagen our body produces on it’s own.
Sulfur also ensures a better absorption of nutrients you ingest every day. The combination of sulfur with the right amino acids ensures a better drainage of toxins from your body. 
Sulfur is also very essential for the function of vitamin B8 (biotin), vitamin B1 (thiamine) and for maintaining a good PH balance in your body. It has been discovered that sulfur is anti-inflammatory and pain killing in muscles and tissues. 
After reading all of this, I think you can conclude that the right doses of sulfur is very important for our body.

MSM for your skin, hair and nails.

Natural Sulphur Springs/baths have been known as their healing effects for the skin for years. Unfortunately, the smell of rotten eggs will also stick for a while when you have bathed yourself in these waters.
Sulfur stimulates the production of keratin and collagen. These are two essential proteins for your skin, hair and nails. Your hair consists out of keratine and moisture. Your hair has its own keratin stock stored in the hair roots. Every person has a lot of hair roots, so your hair needs a lot of keratin to keep this hair healthy. An optimal amount of sulfur in your body will provide shinier, thicker, fuller hair and less hair loss. Your hair will be healthier and stronger. Beside the good effects on your hair, your skin will also become healthier, showing less sighns of skin aging and scars will fade faster.
MSM works really good against acne. Sulfur inhibits inflammation, and each pimple is a small inflammation in your skin. Sulfur is essential for the functioning of vitamin B8 and B1. Precisely these vitamins are very important for good health of your skin and hair.
And your nails? Yes these will be strong again. You will have no more blasted nails, or thin nails that will break off quickly. 
But you have to wait for the results. It can take 4 to 6 weeks until the sulphur is on it’s right level. So, take it every day, stick to it and wait patiently if you see any results.


My experience with MSM.

Since October last year I  have used the MSM supplements from and since December I switched to the OptiMSM flakes of I am very happy with the results I get from taking MSM daily. Initially I purchased the MSM supplements because I was curious as to what it would do for my hair and skin. Whether I would indeed get fuller hair and a nicer skin. And I can tell you that this dietary supplement has made it all true. 
Before I started using MSM I struggled with hormonal acne. I had stopped taking the birth control pill a few months before, and my hormones seemed to be back in balance. Yet I continued to get minor inflammations on the days when my hormones should be in balance. If you have experience with hormonal acne you know how frustrating it can be. MSM has cleared my skin completely up! My skin got so much softer, slightly less greasy (I’ve always had a very oily skin, but now my skin was more balanced) and more even. When I noticed this change the first time I had to think of my mother’s skin. My mother has a dry skin, but it is sooo soft!
Now I only have a little bit of acne when I have my menstruation or my ovulation. The pimples are way smaller, and they dissappear quickly.The days when my hormones are in balance, my skin is also in balance. This is a huge difference from before I took MSM daily.
Besides the huge improvement of my skin, I also have more energy since I take MSM, my nails are way stronger and they don’t peal off anymore, my hair is fuller, feels thicker and grows way faster. I also still get a lot of new hairs and I have much less hair loss. 
And on top of everything, I also feel fit when I wake up. 

Tips for purchasing MSM.

Choose for the most pure type of MSM you can find. This way a teaspoon every day will be enough. You can test the purity yourself. It is really easy. Just fill a clear glass with water and add a teaspoon of MSM powder or flakes. Stir this for a few seconds and then just wait a minute. The powder or the flakes must be dissolved completely. The water should be as clear as it was before you put the MSM in it. If the water turns milky or white, then you know the MSM flakes or the powder is not from a really good quality. 

Beware of MSM capsules. Unfortunately they add other substances in the MSM capsules. The capsules are not only pure MSM. I found out that 1 tablet/capsule of 1000mg MSM contained only 16% sulfur. 84% was other stuff. So pay attention to what you buy and don’t just only look at the front of the bottle. Always look at the ingredients.

I have bought my MSM flakes at They are very clear about the content and the origin of their products.
I have bought OptiMSM at OptiMSM is distilled four times by a high-quality distillation process and is therefore very pure. This also shows in the test, the flakes of OptiMSM disappear completely in a glass with water and the water stays clear.

Tip: Take the MSM flakes/powder in combination with some lemon juice. Vitamin C stimulates the absorption of the MSM.

And taste?

I started this blog about my awful experiences with Ashwagandha powder and my fear of a terrible flavor from the MSM powder. 
Fortunately, the taste of the MSM flakes is not so bad as the taste of ashwagandha powder. The MSM flakes of OptiMSM taste a little bit bitter in a glass with water. But you can also easily mix them in a glass of juice or a smoothie. This way you don’t taste anything! At least I don’t. 



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