Oatmeal gel

Maybe you have seen it on my Instagram or Facebook page, because lately I am experimenting with a new kind of natural gel for my hair. Which gel? Well, oatmeal gel! I came across this new kind of natural gel on a Instagram page of a curly girl that I follow. I was immediatly very interested and enthusiastic. I am always looking for new natural hair products, so maybe you can imagine that I was very happy to find out about this natural hair gel. What kind of hair gel is this and what would it do for my hair? At that same time I also got a bit nervous. Offcourse I want to try this new gel, but my normal hair routine was also fine and I always had good results with the flaxseed gel. Sometimes I used Aloe vera gel, and that was also fine. But now I was at the point that I wanted to try something else, something that I did not know. I asked myself if I was prepared for a bad washday, and yes; I was. It is only your hair. My curiosity won, so I started reading and experimenting. After a few times experimenting I created the best recipe for my hair, and hopefully also for your hair. In this blog I will share two recipes, one with oatmeal and one with oatflakes.

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