Let’s create some curls

This is a blog for all the ladies and gentlemen who want to create more beautiful curls. It is a blog full of advice, tips and good intentions. Curls need a lot of love and attention. Small changes in your body, the environment or what kind of product you use on your hair will affect your curls. In this blog I will start at the beginning. Step by step I will take you through some various curly girl techniques. Some tips are meant for you, maybe others not. Every hair needs something else again, and the only way you can find out what your hair likes is by just by trying it out. Maybe your head will be full of information after this blog, maybe you already know a lot or you miss some things. I can only say, I am also a learner myself and I still learn every day a lot through other curly girls.

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The Mason Pearson hairbrush

I’m telling you straight away: This hairbrush is AMAZING!! I don’t want to sell this brush to you, I am not sponsored by Mason Pearson and I also have no shares with them, so my review on this brush is independently.
So I’ll say it again, this hairbrush is FANTASTIC!! And I think it says enough that I describe my experience and feelings about this hairbrush up front.

Since a few months I have used a real Mason Pearson hairbrush. It all started when I wanted to try out the sebum only method. 
Your entire hair care routine depends off a hairbrush. This was THE moment to test the quality of a hairbrush. And I was so curious about the Mason Pearson hairbrush. I really wanted to know if this hair brush gives better results than a cheaper Boar Bristle Brush. You might be able to imagine how happy I was when a friend of mine suggested that I would borrow her Mason Pearson hair brush for a week. This way I could try the brush without spending a lot of money. And that’s how I fell in love with this amazing hair brush. Why? I will explain that to you in this blog.

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